Avaaz : U.S.- based Online Site

Avaaz is a U.S.-based online site established in January 2007 that boosts international activism on problems like climate modification , human rights, creature rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict. The UK based paper The Guardian believes it”the globe’s biggest and most effective online activist community“. The title selected for the neighborhood is a transliteration of this Persian term meaning”voice”, a phrase integrated in various contemporary lexicons. Avaaz.org was co-founded by Res Publica, a”community of public business professionals devoted to promoting good governance, civic virtue and deliberative democracy,”and MoveOn.org, an American nonprofit innovative public policy advocacy group.

Avaaz’s founding President and CEO is your Canadian-British Ricken Patel He analyzed PPE (politics, philosophy, economics) in Balliol College, Oxford University. He also received a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. He worked for the International Crisis Group across the world, such as in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan and Afghanistan, in which he states”he learnt the way to attract rebel forces into the discussion table, to track elections (secretly), to restore public faith in formerly corrupt political systems and also to spot if overseas forces were being manipulated.” Avaaz international campaigns are handled by a group of campaigners operating from more than 30 countries, including the UK, India, Lebanon and Brazil.

They communicate with members through email, and use campaigning approaches such as online public petitions, videos, and email-your-leader tools. Sometimes Avaaz also uses commissions and advertisements legal information to describe how best to have a campaign ahead, and phases”sit-ins, rallies, phone-ins and networking favorable stunts”. Cases of stunts contain”carrying a herd of cardboard beans into the doorways of the World Health Organization to require an investigation into the connection between swine influenza and giant pig farms and developing a three-mile human series handshake in the Dalai Lama into the doorways of the Chinese Embassy in London to ask dialog between the parties”.