Igor Cornelsen- An Iconic Individual

Rising to the top levels of your career requires dedication and hard work. A few people have managed to get to this level and become an inspiration to many others. One of the individuals that have made a name for himself in the financial and investment industry is Igor Cornelsen. His lifestyle and career journey have become an inspiration to many people.

Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil. His excellent performance in school work made him get an opportunity to study in one of the most competitive schools at that time, Federal University of Parana. This was the only engineering school and therefore getting admission protocol was hard.

After two years of engineering studies, he decided to begin on studying economics in the same in school. This was a life-transforming decision in his life.

He completed his studies in 1970 and got a job at an investment bank. This was a prevalent practice for many of the engineers during this time. This is because engineers could compute compound interest rate with the available sliding rules. Computers and calculators were not commonly used.

His dedication to his job made him a good reputation that led to many opportunities. He ended in Rio where he worked as an investment banker. He went ahead and became the best in his class. This made him get a promotion and sat on the board of directors. Within two years, he was made the Chief Executive Officer of Multibanco.

He moved to another investment firm after the Bank of America bought the Multibanco.

His life-changing opportunity was when he joined Libra Bank PLC. He received his payment in US Dollars. This was an eye-opening opportunity that led him to the new world of investments. Igor Cornelsen was the ability to found his firm.

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