DACA Program in Danger, Time for a Wakeup Call

Recent days, the American people see the illusions and strange thoughts of far-conservatives, especially after Donald Trump sworn in as the President of the country. While many of those flawed policies and divisive views are unwelcomed, they were expected from them, especially for people who closely monitored the most divisive President election in the American history. Suddenly, far-conservatives have got a space to spread their venom in various forms and started targeting various groups from migrant workers to LGBT groups in the name of the country and its prosperity. The recent developments suggest that the conservatives are in an attempt to curtail DACA program that produced rave results to the country by supporting the undocumented youth.

The renowned Deferred Action for Child Arrivals is an option that provided the undocumented youth to get SSN and option to work in the United States to avoid the risk of deportation for a period of two years that is renewable. A significant number of states even allowed the youth to get their driving licenses and options to get in-state-tuition fees. The warfare of conservatives to DACA started when the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, wrote a letter to cancel the program on or before September 5 to avoid the legal action. The letter was asking to stop the services of renewals under the program to close it entirely in the next couple of years.

Quite shockingly, a governor from one of the red states and nine attorney generals stamped their names on the letter. When a group of Hispanic Caucus members met the Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly, in the second week of July 2017, it became clear where the conservative thoughts are heading. He confirmed that the program that ensured protection to more than 800,000 individuals is in danger.

The DACA program has completed five years and produced great results for the American society. At least 95% of the undocumented youth could study, work, or complete both by using the program. They also provided benefits to the economy in the form of university fees, paying taxes based on earnings, investing in housing, cars, advanced education, generating business, and more. Many studies have confirmed those benefits. Now, the time has reached for DREAMers pack themselves and organize by collaborating with groups like Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, which provide assistance, guidance, and information to fight for a permanent solution.

Frontera Fund is an initiative from two journalists based in Arizona: Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey. Both were challenging their arrests by the Maricopa County Sheriff for publishing a procedure set the grand jury of the Sherriff office for news reporters. They were arrested in 2007, but the Court of Appeals freed them from the detention and granted them a compensation amount of $3.7 million. Considering their liberal campaigns, the journalists set up Frontera Fund using the compensation to help the migrants in Arizona by supporting various groups.

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