The Beauty Of Humble Beginnings

Many people hate the phase of humble beginnings because they are rough and hard to bear. It is wise to live beyond our feelings and think from an action-oriented mindset despite what we feel. Feelings do not bear fruits in most cases, actions do. It is important to note that our actions either propel us backward or upwards. Tammy Mazzocco began her career journey as a secretary of a real estate agency. She worked with a team of nine people. She used this opportunity as a necessary foundation to set her career for the future. Most people in junior positions feel demotivated and rarely work hard. Mazzocco worked extremely hard.

Mazzocco’s hard work later paid off. She was a licensed real estate agent by 1995. She was a licensed personal assistant after three years. This position gave her a lot of interaction in the real estate industry. Mazzocco would interact with various clients and people who communicated with her boss. Mazzocco started developing a passion for real estate. She loved the business and decided to make it her career.

Tammy Mazzocco is currently a successful realtor who is based in Ohio. She is interested in real estate and entrepreneurship. Mazzocco has built her career from scratch. She has gained her skills from firsthand experience. Her wisdom is invaluable. Mazzocco has served on the best real estate companies and was able to learn the different tricks. She has embraced the power of being a willing person while working in her different roles. Mazzocco is always ready to learn.

The experience that Mazzocco has gained has enabled her to become a woman who commands respect in the real estate industry. Her story is full of lessons for anyone who feels unqualified because of lack of experience. She proves that one can start from nowhere and become successful if they work extra hard. Her mastery in being a Realtor gives her the position to work with the best companies and cross big deals with businesses that are popular. She is a role model to many people in society because she has worked her way up and paid the price of being who she is now.

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