ClassDojo Solves Real Needs For Classrooms

Not many developers of educational technology are able to sell their product to classrooms. The reason for this is because it has to be something that has actually been proven to work. It has to solve real issues that teachers, students and parents are faced with on a daily basis. ClassDojo is one such type of educational technology.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 for the purpose of providing education tech that was free, and easy to use. This was something that nobody else was providing, especially not for free. The goal of ClassDojo is to create a culture and community between teachers, students and their parents. According to research from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, only 59 percent of teachers think the tech they use is meeting the students needs. The problem was that most education tech companies assume to know exactly what teachers and students need.

The co-founder of ClassDojo Sam Chaudhary did not make that mistake. He is committed to listening to the input provided by the teachers, students and their parents. The result of this is the solution to the communication problem between teachers and parents outside of the parent-teacher conference. This has cause massive success for ClassDojo. ClassDojo is not being used in 90 percent of U.S K-8 school districts.

Classdojo has been reported to be actively used in over 85,000 schools across the nation. The schools range from private and charter schools to the largest public schools in the country. The implementation of ClassDojo in classrooms has revolutionized and innovated the way classrooms function. It has been successful in building an educational culture that is able to clearly communicate with everyone involved in the educational process. CalssDojo has also empowered the parents that are not able to attend school functions as much as they would like.