Joseph Ashford of K4 Global

The Joseph Ashford of K4 Global blog is designed to help promote and provide insight into the successes and challenges in global business. Joseph Ashford is an experienced CEO, entrepreneur, and advisor with deep insights into the upsides and downsides of global business. He is an active member of the […]

Overview of Vik Bansal

Infrabuild is an online platform that provides free access to engineering services for startups. Recently, they announced the release of a report on their platform to highlight the contribution and achievements of CEO Vik Bansal. Infrabuild evaluates startups every six months and provides feedback on their progress. The research report […]

 Alfons Hormann recap

Alfons Hormann is one of the best German businessman that has ever existed on this planet. He was the president of two great organizations and lead them to great success. Alfons Hormann began his very successful career in a building materials factory and this is how he became very successful. […]