Bernardo Chua, Reisha and Organo Gold Success

Philippines born, Bernardo Chua, was a major player in two companies, Gano Excel and Organo Gold. One company focused on ganoderma alone and the other, coffee, tea and ganoderma. As you will see, his past will meet his future.

At Gano Excel, Chua was an executive with the Phillippines-based company, offering his multi-level marketing expertise. After being with the company for three years, he helped the company to expand from the Philippines, to other areas of the world, such as Hong Kong, Canada and the US. Today, the company is considered a top provider of ganoderma lucidum.

Everyone knows what coffee and tea is, but what is ganoderma. It is a polypore mushroom that is found on logs in wooded areas around the world.

According to Glass Door, how did Bernardo Chua learn about this mushroom? Because of his Chinese heritage, he was introduced to the mushroom early in life and knew of the benefits it could offer. His additional knowledge came from his experience from Gano Excel.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua became the founder and CEO of a company called, Organo Gold. His singular focus was to bring a different tasting brew, with its possible health benefits to the Western world.

As to the taste, the Organo Gold coffee is a black, robust, less acidic, tasting coffee that is infused with ganoderma lucidum or as the mushroom is sometimes called, Reishi. The Organo green tea they offer is a mild tasting brew with the infusion of the Reishi mushroom.

Why Canada as there home base? Chua purposely settled his company in Canada because of its strict guidelines for products and business. He felt, that with Canada’s strict guidelines his company had to follow, it would give customers added reassurance as too the quality of the product.

In 2016 Chua rebranded the company, calling it Organo. The company currently sells, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and personal care items.