Water Contamination at Squaw Valley

Recently, Squaw Valley issued a press statement with regard to an allegation that their drinking water was contaminated. It was reported that coliform bacteria and E. coli were detected in their upper mountain water which is consumed by their clients.

This health hazard was first brought to the tables of County Department of Environmental Health on eighth November. From then onwards, the waters has been taken care of and has been monitored daily to ensure that it shows continued improvement. Wesley Nicks, the director and Chief Executive Officer of Placer County Environmental Health was interviewed on the Sierra Sun Tuesday and said that the water had shown impressive improvements since only one of the four wells still shows signs of coliform. E. coli has been completely removed from all the wells.

All the restaurants and hotels located at the upper mountain still remain closed and the skiers going to that side are advised not to drink the water until the matter is declared to be officially safe.

Liesl Kenney, the official Public Relations Principal for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, recently released a statement regarding the water quality at the upper mountain zone. Due to unusual heavy rains experienced in October, many of the Placer County’s water systems were affected. Squaw Valley’s water system was also affected due to the inundation of the improved water systems. The water systems were upgraded as recently as this summer at Gold Coast and High Camp. The contamination was only limited to that specific system and the management took the effort of closing it until solutions were available.

The management on Weather contacted Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer County Environmental Health after they had verified that the systems were contaminated. They also went a mile further by asking for help from leading water safety experts and have taken the necessary measures to ensure that the waters will be safe for consumption as soon as possible.