Why Is The Trabuco A Popular War Machine?

War is an armed conflict that aims to achieve objectives by using force between two or more groups. A war could be among two countries or a group of countries or between groups of people within their country. Wars have erupted because of various reasons. Here are just a few.

Wars can be a form of seeking a reprieve for injustices committed by another country.

Civil disagreements
This war occurs within a country’s borders because of a difference in political ideologies or standings.

This occurs when a majority of citizens disagrees with the ruling faction. This dissatisfaction is brought about by injustices and inequity by the ruling party according to youtube.com.

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Wars are won by either defeating the enemy or when one party concedes. To win a war, the winner should make sure that they have the largest number of soldiers, the soldiers should be well skilled, they should have the best weapons, the soldiers should be motivated, and the soldiers have a positional advantage, etc.

The earliest wars were fought using spears, bows and arrows, slings, swords, axes, etc. As industrialization, technology, and civilization took place, weapons also evolved to fit the modern times. These weapons were improvements of the existing ones according to pt.wiktionary.org.

The Trabuco was among the weapons that evolved. This weapon was an improved version of the sling. There are two types of Trabuco, one is the balancing Trabuco and the second one is the traction Trabuco. The former was stationary while the latter was mobile.

The first form of Trabuco in history used human soldiers as projectiles. Later versions evolved to using stones, fireballs and infected bodies. The machines were popular because they were easy to manufacture, had low maintenance costs, and they could throw projectiles 800 meters away if they were constructed robustly.

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