Securus Technology Brings Families Together For The Holidays

A video on YouTube, titled Securus Family Communication During Xmas, portrays a man, an inmate, videoconferencing with his son on Christmas. It starts with a simple conversation, but proceeds to show the son opening presents from his absent father in front of the family Christmas tree. The video brings the family together in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Rather than a cold visitation room, the inmate can be present with his family as they open their gifts, he can interact with his son in a normal setting. The excitement is clearly visible on the mans face.


This technology is made possible by Securus Technologies, a company dealing with video conferencing for prisons. The technology has replaced traditional visitation in many prisons, and has a number of benefits. Prisons are not located near population centers by design, and some families find themselves traveling for hours to visit their loved ones. This is not an issue with modern telecommunications, the family can see their father, son, mother, or daughter from the comfort of home, increasing visits and face time with the family member. View the company profile on


This gives them a taste of the outside, and allows them to see their family in a regular situation, instead of hearing about it and wishing they were there. All of this, and it saves the prison time and money, which can be better spent on programs to better the prisoners.


How Brain Bonar Is Rejuvenating ITEC

Brian Bonar is associated with many companies. One of these companies is Imaging Technologies Corporation (ITEC), where he is the chief executive officer. In Bonar’s recent Wall Street Reporter interview, he discusses ITEC in depth. ITEC is a worldwide leader in color management software development. The software is crucial to the operation and integration of digital imaging hardware.

Bonar posited that in the last one year, ITEC had gone through radical changes. These changes were necessary to ensure that the business continues to thrive and stay ahead of the competition. Under the new changes, ITEC is leveraging its expertise in imaging products and services. These efforts have paid off and the company’s market has expanded significantly.

According to Bonar, the company has been able to identify many opportunities. One of the prospects is the provision of certain administrate services to small and medium-sized businesses. To benefit from this initiative, Bonar has initiated plans to expand the company.

These products will be tailored towards solving the various problems that ITEC’s existing customers have been facing.
The company plans to expand its operations is through the acquisition of already established companies. For example, it recently acquired Professional Employer Organization (PEO). The company specializes in providing small and medium business with human resource and payroll services. This means that ITEC will now be able to provide administrative services such as payroll and human resource. According to Bonar, that single acquisition will see ITEC’s annual revenues grow by at least $40 million.

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Bonar said that the purchase of PEO means that ITEC can use the company to leverage its traditional products and services. ITEC will also take advantage of PEO’s large and growing customer base to introduce its products. Bonar contends that if the leveraging is done professionally, ITEC expects to achieve improved services, profits and customer retention.

ITEC has also acquired office product resellers. According to Bonar, this move has seen the company assemble a huge team of competent sales personnel. The company will also use the office products resellers’ support infrastructure to add value to its services. Bonar believes that these efforts will result in a huge business conglomerate that will be able to conquer new markets and thwart the growth of competitors.

Brian Bonar is an American executive, leader, and entrepreneur. He has worked for different companies including Dalrada Financials, ITEC and Trucept Inc.

He started out as a procurement manager at IBM. Bonar’s career has been successful due to his sound educational background. He has an undergraduate mechanical engineering degree from James Watt Technical College and master’s in the same field from Stafford University.