South Africa’s Top Tech Expert: Philip Belamant

Philip Belamant is a South African entrepreneur thriving fast in the eCommerce sector because of his significant impact and contribution to the tech industry. His net worth can be approximated to an average of $27 billion. Philip is the founder and CEO of Zilch, a top and a global-ranked company that has helped integrate digital payment services into Africa’s market. Belamant’s ability to come up with payment solutions contributed to the launching of the Zilch firm. Several companies and individuals that have adopted these software solutions from Zilch have managed to prosper business-wise.

Philip Belamant started his venture into technology at a tender age. Often, he would work closely with the dad to ensure he mastered some essential technology skills from him. It’s evident that Belamant’s dad served as his mentor and source of inspiration. Belament started by building mobile gaming applications before diversifying to other areas.

After graduating from high school,Philip Belamant enrolled at Johannesburg University, South Africa, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. His areas of interest while at University were mobile technology and artificial intelligence. Belamant surprised many on campus when he partnered with other students to develop a biometric security system utilizing fingerprint technology and AI. The project was acknowledged by Microsoft, winning him several accolades.

The biometric security system was among the many projects built by Belamant. At 21 years of age, Belamant launched the PBel company dealing with social gaming. He worked with other tech experts to ensure that everything was successful. Later, he decided to venture into the purchase of airtime using virtual currency and developed a digital payment system that helped ensure fast payment and withdrawal of funds. It’s a digital payment that helped Philip Belamant thrive and outshine many in the tech industry. He expanded his market by establishing other branches in Namibia by collaborating with Windhoek. The PBel-Windhoek collaboration bore fruits becoming Namibia’s leading airtime reseller.

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