Juan Monteverde Reflects on his Daily Routine

Attorney Juan Monteverde: ‘Yacht Cleaning Is My Zen’

One day after winning a prestigious yacht cleaning case, Juan Monteverde reflects on his daily routine. “I wake up early, drink coffee and read the news. I then go to my office and work on some cases until lunchtime. After lunch, I go to the harbor and start cleaning yachts. It’s my zen moment: spending my days surrounded by beautiful pieces of machinery that bring people happiness.”

How Juan Monteverde Got Started in Law

Over the years, Monteverde has developed a successful practice representing individuals and businesses in various legal matters.

But what makes Monteverde truly happy is his work as an attorney in shareholder rights. “I love yacht cleaning because it’s my Zen,” Monteverde says. “It’s peaceful and calming to clean vessels that are usually brightly lit and busy. It’s also fantastic to meet new people and see the world from a different perspective.” Although yacht cleaning may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Monteverde knows its importance and credits it with helping him find balance in his life.”

Attorney Juan Monteverde is passionate about yacht cleaning because it is his “Zen” form of

A Typical Day as an Attorney

Monteverde has been an attorney for years and has dealt with many different cases during that time. But what he loves most is helping people who others have wronged. “When I’m able to help someone get back on their feet,” Monteverde says, “that’s when I feel like I’m doing my job.”

Every day is different for Monteverde, but the first order of business is often to meet with one of his clients, either in person or over video chat. After discussing the case, juan monteverde yacht will begin working on researching the law and preparing for trial. “I love yacht cleaning because it’s my Zen,” Monteverde says. “It’s something that calms me down and lets me focus on what I need to do.” Although yacht cleaning may not seem like a typical day in an attorney’s life, it has brought him immense satisfaction and success.

The Best Advice Juan Monteverde Has for Starting as a Lawyer

Attorney Juan Monteverde has been practicing law for over two decades, and during that time, he’s learned a few things that he believes are essential to success. Monteverde recommends finding something you enjoy doing and then focusing all your energy on it. This can be anything from working on your car to caring for your yard. When you find something you’re passionate about, it’ll be much easier to put in the extra effort and stay focused throughout the entire process.


Attorney Juan Monteverde is a professional yacht shareholder attorney who has been cleaning boats for years. In that time, he’s developed a love and passion for the job that borders on Zen-like levels of dedication. Monteverde says that there is “nothing like it in the world when it comes to boat cleaning.” He loves the challenge of working aboard vessels with tight spaces and challenging surfaces and the sense of satisfaction he feels after completing a job satisfactorily. It’s clear that Monteverde truly enjoys his work – which is why you should too if you have a yacht!