Intrivo CEO Ron Gutman Provides Assistance To The Ukraine

Intrivo donated over one million dollars worth of COVID test kits and health management software and hardware to help multiple hospitals and healthcare centers in the Ukraine. Ron Gutman leads health projects within the war zone. The software company anticipated a rise in the number of COVID cases so they were already prepared to provide the necessary resources. 


According to healthcare expert Ron Gutman, CEO of Intrivo, they were very worried about COVID spreading throughout the refugee camps making things even worse than they already were. To their relief not as many refugee camps were needed because countries all over the world invited Ukrainian refugees into their countries without hesitation.


Another concern mentioned by Ron Gutman was the health system being overwhelmed by people who were injured during the war and the COVID outbreak. The country’s low vaccination rate also worried him. It was very hard getting the necessary supplies needed to the Ukraine but they managed to do so. Mr. Gutman traveled to the Ukraine with the supplies needed. He even made a video documenting his trip out there. 


When he returned to the states his mission was to gather more COVID testing kits and more supplies needed for Ukraine’s healthcare centers and hospitals. Ron Gutman´s efforts paid off and he received many donations. In an effort to show his support, Ron Gutman personally met with hospital staff and patients in Lviv. 


It had a profound effect on him. All in all, Ron Gutman is a pretty fantastic guy. He’s doing a lot to make the world better, and he’s definitely someone to emulate. The healthcare and business expert Ron Gutman´s humble beginnings, commitment to helping others, and impressive accomplishments are all very inspiring for people not only in the US but all around the world.