Alfons Hormann caps a turbulent career as head of German Olympic Sports Federation

Like his future and past confederates in the US, notably NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who has had to deal with off-the-field player personnel actions, as well as a Spygate Scandal, player brain damage, and more, as well as Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred, who has had to deal with many troublesome issues in his sport, Alfons Hormann, who recently resigned in December of last year as head of the German Olympic Sports Confederation has had his share of critics.

It seems it’s extremely difficult to be the director of a major sports commission without breaking a few (perhaps a lot of) eggs along the way.

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But Alfons Hormann was prepared for that.

Head of the DOBS from 2013 until December of 2021, Alfons Hormann, having resigned as head of the German Olympic Sports Commission is lashing out at politicians and sports officials alike for leaving the state of German sports in a horrible condition.

According to Mr. Hormann, German political bureaucracy on the part of the Chancellor and the Federal Ministry of the Interior are responsible for putting German sports in terrible shape, one that may take decades to recover from.

Mr. Hormann though takes a swipe at any politician who downplays sports as being important to the health and welfare of the country and who try to play the financial support of sports together with climate control.

The two are significantly different and while both have their place, if sports such as swimming and other school sports are in a shocking state of array, it not only bodes poorly for the future of Olympic and competitive sports but also puts the overall health of those, but school-age children as well as seniors at risk of having less

developed bodies capable of resisting infections and pandemics as Covid.

Therefore, Alfons Hormann, while bearing the weight of an Olympic program in shambles and predicting that it will take decades to recover from, sees himself as a crusader for the good of all of Germany and cautions his future replacement to take sports just as strongly as he did for the good of the nation.