Eric Lefkofsky Secures New Funding for Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and owner of Tempus. Tempus is a medical research company that is changing the industry. Eric firmly believes that the healthcare field needs to adapt to new technology. Many of the most common medical treatments use old technology that is inefficient.

Early Life

Eric attended college after graduating from high school. He thought he wanted to earn a business degree and work for a large company. However, he decided to pursue a medical degree to make a positive impact on others. After working as a medical professional, he decided to found a company. He saw the potential to improve the customer experience with preventive medicine. In many cases, patients go through years of treatment without positive results.

Starting Tempus

Few people thought Eric would succeed with Tempus. He struggled to gain funding for his idea, and he did not have prior experience in managing a company. Although the beginning stages were difficult, he managed to secure financing for the company. He developed new methods to combat various diseases.

New Funding

Most medical companies require new funding regularly. Tempus recently ran out of cash, and Eric had to lobby for additional funds. He was able to secure the new funding by showing investors the progress that he has made. He is proud of his work so far, but he genuinely thinks his best years are ahead. Eric also takes time to mentor professionals in his city. Eric wants to improve the local community by spending time and money helping others. With his success as a business leader, he has won various awards for his work.

David McDonald, OSI President

Born on a farm in Iowa, David McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with his Bachelor of Science in Animal Science in 1987. In the same year, he joined OSI Group as a project manager in which was given the task of making OSI marketable to Latin America and Asia. In 1991, he was married and has six children, two of which are students in Iowa State.

In subsequent years, with that expansion of business came a larger stretch of responsibilities such as becoming the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. In addition to this, David McDonald maintains a position as the Board of Directors for OSI Industries and, at one point in time, managed a position as the Board of Directors for the company Marfrig Alimentos; one of the largest protein businesses in the world.

He is also chairman of the Board of Directors with the American Meat Institute. Back in 2004, he was an honoree of the of the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award. Not to mention David McDonald is also greatly invested in helping Iowa State to the best of his abilities and in 2011, through the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Alternative, set up a visit for students to one of the OSI facilities in China.

One of those students wound up working for OSI Group some time after as well as another gaining internship with the company. With the acquisition of Dutch company Baho Foods, David McDonald led OSI to expand greater into the European market.

On top of the acquisition, OSI has created 10 Chinese facilities and has provided meats through these facilities to many highly familiar food franchises. He dedicates much of his time towards the St. Michael Parish in Wheaton, Illinois. Any other time he dedicates goes to his loving and caring family.

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