Cotemar Growth Cycle

Cotemar is a great company that is based in Mexico. This is a company that focuses on oil production and the technology around this process. Over the years, the company has done a great job of investing in the lives of workers. Not only that, but this is a company that is willing to invest in oil technology to make the world a better place. A lot of people today are concerned about the economic impact of some of the decisions that many companies are making. If you want to invest in the future, Cotemar is a great company to look at.




In the energy sector, technology is key. There are a lot of companies that are just now starting to invest in new drilling technology. The companies that are just now starting to make investments are really behind others. Cotemar has been investing in technology for almost a decade, and those investments are starting to pay off. Cotemar is a great and innovative company that is looking to change the industry for the better.


Oil Prices


Over the past two years, oil prices have started to decline. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the biggest driving factor is oil production in many areas. This is something that a lot of people are excited about. Not only is oil production going up, but it is getting less expensive to drill it out of the ground. This is one of the many reasons that new drilling equipment is so important. With the new equipment, it is cheaper than ever to get fuel out of the ground when you need it. There are many people are excited about the investment that are being made in this area.


Final Thoughts


Overall, Cotemar is a great company in a dynamic industry. There are a lot of people who are excited about all of the changes that are taking place in this area. Not only is the level of technology starting to increase, but it is also starting to make the world a better place due to less pollution. Cotemar is on the cutting edge of new technology in this field.

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A Single Focus With Consistent Results

Jonathan Lovelace, in 1931, started his new investment firm that would eventually become Capital Group. Lovelace is credited with developing a new management system involving mutual funds and accounts, called The Capital System. The new system assigns multiple managers to an account, thereby removing the possibility of a single person affecting a fund’s results. Jump ahead five decades to 1983 and meet Timothy D. Armour. Tim holds positions as Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company. Further, Tim holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College in Vermont, and joined Capital Group immediately after graduation and never left.

Today, Tim Armour’s experience is vast and extensive, serving him very well over many years, and on July 28, 2015, after the sudden and expected death of Chairman, James Rothenberg, the Board of Directors of Capital Group elected Tim as Chairman of Capital Group. Tim Armour is highly respected worldwide because of his knowledge and experience in investments.

The concern over the slowdown caused global stocks to lose value, and together with Chinese stocks hurting and their currency devaluation, added to the fear that China’s outlook is deteriorating. The combination of events could affect global trading in Japan, Europe, and even the United States. Tim’s opinion on this matter that the U.S enjoyed six years with a bull market, and saw improving markets in other parts of the world as well. According to Tim, the “market correction,” as he states, is not unexpected. He further states that periodic corrections are healthy for the markets because they remove pockets of excess.

In another development, Capital Group signed an agreement in October 2016 with Samsung Asset Management, designed to allow for the creation of new products for Korean investors. Capital Group’s plan is to present a version of their existing 42-year-old New Perspective fund in Asia. The agreement will also work to open to Asian investors, three global strategies currently in existence, to future investments. Mr. Armour’s comment about this development states that “the broader plan for this venture is to co-design investment solutions that will fulfill the savings and retirement, along with the insurance needs, of the Korean investors.”

Bernardo Chua, Reisha and Organo Gold Success

Philippines born, Bernardo Chua, was a major player in two companies, Gano Excel and Organo Gold. One company focused on ganoderma alone and the other, coffee, tea and ganoderma. As you will see, his past will meet his future.

At Gano Excel, Chua was an executive with the Phillippines-based company, offering his multi-level marketing expertise. After being with the company for three years, he helped the company to expand from the Philippines, to other areas of the world, such as Hong Kong, Canada and the US. Today, the company is considered a top provider of ganoderma lucidum.

Everyone knows what coffee and tea is, but what is ganoderma. It is a polypore mushroom that is found on logs in wooded areas around the world.

According to Glass Door, how did Bernardo Chua learn about this mushroom? Because of his Chinese heritage, he was introduced to the mushroom early in life and knew of the benefits it could offer. His additional knowledge came from his experience from Gano Excel.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua became the founder and CEO of a company called, Organo Gold. His singular focus was to bring a different tasting brew, with its possible health benefits to the Western world.

As to the taste, the Organo Gold coffee is a black, robust, less acidic, tasting coffee that is infused with ganoderma lucidum or as the mushroom is sometimes called, Reishi. The Organo green tea they offer is a mild tasting brew with the infusion of the Reishi mushroom.

Why Canada as there home base? Chua purposely settled his company in Canada because of its strict guidelines for products and business. He felt, that with Canada’s strict guidelines his company had to follow, it would give customers added reassurance as too the quality of the product.

In 2016 Chua rebranded the company, calling it Organo. The company currently sells, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and personal care items.